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Powerful Search

The best church websites are those that are more than eye candy, they have compelling articles that help members of the church grow.

Alas one of the main disadvantages of creating a website using an off the shelf product such as WordPress is that there is no search feature so even when great content exists it is difficult to discover.

Basic Search

Thenoo has search built in. If a user wants to find an article or sermon about suffering then they can type that keyword to search the articles and events in the database. The search is not limited to the that text content, it has many other tricks up its sleeve...

Video Transcript Search

When a user searches for a term on your site the search will automatically search the transcripts of all your YouTube videos.

Tag Filtering

You are able to create topic tags that can be applied to your content. A few examples you might create could be marriage, discipleship or kids resources.

Author Filtering

Users are also able to filter their search results by the author of an article or the people that presented a talk.

Passage Contextual Search

Perhaps the most ambitious and useful search tool that we are developing is the ability to filter the results by book, chapter and verse of the Bible. If a sermon mentioned James chapter two then the search will return that sermon along with a timestamp so you know where in the video it was mentioned.

Movement Wide Search

If you enable it then the search results will not only return the results for your congregation but will also return the best results for the other churches in your movement that use Thenoo.